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How to Care for Capybaras

How to care for capybaras? They’re not really super high - maintenance pets. Capys are giant rodents that are affectionate to their owners and also to other animals – except predators, of course. How to care for capybaras are quite easy because they are sociable and...

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What is a Capybara?

What is a capybara? This is what most newbie keepers ask. Is it a beaver? A different kind of pig? Nope, well sort of. A Capybara is the largest kind of rodent in the world. It’s height is around 60 centimeters or 2 feet. What is a Capybara? These animals are tall at...

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Capybara Pet Care Tips

Capybara pet care is pretty similar to care for most types of rodent pets, such as guinea pigs, except from the fact that capybaras are significantly larger, which means they steps, methods and procedures are done on a larger scale. As with other animals, they have...

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Capybara As House Pet, Training Your Capybara

As with most exotic animals with oddly good natures, capybaras has been carried into the world of house pet trade and has been domesticated for quite some time. However, just because they’re now being kept as companion animals don’t necessarily means it’s a good idea...

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Capybara Life Cycle

Capybaras can reach up to 1.4 meters long and weighs around 75kg; which about the same size of a large dog breed; making them the largest rodent in the world. Despite their gigantic size however; they’re quite good swimmers. They have adapted well to aquatic...

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Capybaras Diet and Habitat

Capybaras are large rodents belonging to the genus of Hydrochoerus; where the only existing member is the Hydrochoerus isthmius better known as “lesser capybaras.” Native to South America; capybaras are the largest rodents in the world and actually related to guinea...

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